1.What is Web ?

Web can be defined as “A communication system or link through which a bunch of computers sends and receives data”. Web is also known as World Wide Web(WWW). In other terms, the web or world wide webis a data transfer mechanism in which, there all the computers are connected to each other through out the day or partially.The computer connected 24*7 is usually called a “server”. It works on a “server” software. The mechanism locates a particular information in web by URL(Uniform Resource Locator),  interlinked by Hypertexts, and we can access the web through Internet. So, here I think now you all know the difference between web and internet.

2.An introduction to domain names, web servers, and website hosting.

We have to register for a domain name to locate our website or information in a particular place in internet. Like a postal address, domain name is a unique address in Internet.
Web server is a program that works with HTTP(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) to process the users query and produce the relevant information to the user from the web.
Web hosting is the service in which a website or set of information is stored in a “server”
to make it accessible in internet.

3. Things you need to make your website “live”

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i. e-mail id

ii. Domain name

iii. Hosting Service

4. What is the difference between .com, .net, .org, etc.?

Simply these are extension for domain names. People always try to get a .com domain name but search engines do not discriminate any other extensions. But, people are much familier with .com domain extension and sometimes they just put .com extension to a domain name in URL box for making a web search. So, first try to get .com extension, and if you are not getting the same then only go for other extensions. But keep in mind that, same domain name with different extensions possess different places in internet.

5. Renting server space to ‘host’ your web site

After having a domain name, the next thing needed is a “space in server”, so that a website or
information can be saved and served when needed.

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