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SEO Work Process of Secondary Stage:


Off Page work – Monthly Activity Plan

Off page optimization is the most important (and challenging for Digital Marketing Company) SEO process to  Increase Page Authority or PageRank, Getting high quality links from relevant sites and Article submission are the few examples of Off-page optimization.Off page optimization means optimizing your web presence which involves backlink building and social media promotion. Best SEO Company Play Best Role. Some important process are given below :

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  1. Branding : First month we work for Branding so use create brand links.

  2. Press Release – Press Releases Per Month, customer to provide content, and We have to distribution costs.  Press Releases will be released through PRWeb


  1. Infographics – 20 Per Month, Customer to provide content, We have to create infographic. Infographics will be posted on sites such as:,,


  1. PPT Submission .


  1. Pdf Submission – PDFs will be submitted to sites such as,, these are the sites where we’ll be using PDFs. In PDFs we need content that should tell about your products and offers. Content length should be around 450 – 500 words.


  1. Guest Posts –  Guest Blog posts per month to niche relevant sites. Customer to provide content.


  1. Social Sharing – Social Shares Per Month through We have to provided accounts. Shares will be submitted to sites such as google + communities, facebook groups.


  1. Social Bookmarking – Social Bookmarks Per Month to sites such as: We  will provide user accounts.,,


  1. Questions and answers participation on sites like Yahoo, Quora – Answer questions on sites like Yahoo, Quora, etc. – minimum 10 Per Month. If we  cannot find enough relevant questions to answer, they may need to ask and answer questions themselves using separate use accounts.


  1. Image Sharing –  image shares per Per Month on sites such as,,

    Note : There are many other Activities also done depends on website current Status.


Channelizing our site through Linkable Assets:  

As these kinds of assets have fundamentally, something that people will link too easily with little or no prompting. It is a resource on your site that people will link to naturally. Any brand that hopes to make a name for it should have at least one of these resources, and typically more see below sites


  • Video Promotion
  • PDFs
  • Slide Presentations
  • Video Marketing
  • Press Releases
  • Helpful Content Guides


Guest/blog posting:

Write guest blog posts and emails to relevant bloggers who would be willing to link to the site.


Steps for implementing this tactic:

  • For guest posting we will use the same kind of content which we will be published on our blog. Then we will create the backlinks for this blog post and we will be linked our homepage and inner pages by contextual linking (This is the most significant area which will decide the popularity of our business)
  • We will promote the guest post after it goes by social sharing and social bookmarking etc.
  • After publishing our content including our blog and other sites then we will do an analysis of the bounce rate on that page where content is published. And we will repeat the process again.

Press Release

It is all about branding then it should distributed very smartly, to start with, let’s say you are about to launch a website, the first thing we could actually think off towards its promotion would be to release a “Press Release”. Suspense is the key to make people talk about you. Have a nice tagline or punch line.

It will make people in your industry as well others to think n talk about what it actually could be?

Wasn’t that the same what you wanted to do? Since you got an access to the people’s world the first step would actually generate a small wave.

After a week or so of the first release another press release should unveil the suspense. Also don’t forget to put Google + profile links form content part which will also give more prominent our profile on Google. As you are very concerned about snippet of your Google+ profile and that might solve these purposes.


Social Sharing: Remember; never do social sharing for the sake of getting a backlink. The sole purpose of social sharing now days is to show your creativity, I am not going deeper into what story you should have, But I will only say, what headline you would have.


Analyze the competitor link profiles and work on acquiring similar kind of back links.

Apart from this in order to stay ahead of our competition, we need to create good quality links. For now we have done analysis on the back link strategy of our competitors. We would follow the same pattern and approach those sites where our competitors are added.


Backlinks Anchor text (Brand Name Links).


Any time we will build a link, use either your brand name, or just highlight the part of the sentence that will give users the most contexts.


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